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About United Health Care/PacifiCare Health Systems

United Health Care/PacifiCare Health Systems is one of the nation’s largest health and consumer services companies with approximately $11 billion in annual revenues. Primary operations include health insurance products for employer groups and Medicare beneficiaries in eight states and Guam, serving approximately 3 million members. Other specialty products and operations include pharmacy and medical management, behavioral health services, life and health insurance and dental and vision services.

PacifiCare  Health Systems also operates a nonprofit organization, called the PacifiCare  Foundation, which is devoted to charitable and educational causes that enhance the health, wellness and welfare of individuals, families, and the public at large.


PacifiCare Membership at March 31, 2003 (Thousands)

Commercial HMO2,039.7
Senior HMO706.6
PPO & Indemnity99.7
Medicare Supplement21.2
Employer Self-Funded29.9
Total Medical Membership2,897.1
Pharmacy benefit management1,796.02,897.1
Behavioral health1,768.42,009.8
Dental & Vision236.6458.1
Total Specialty Company Membership3,801.05,365.0


Individual Health Insurance and United HealthCare/Pacificare California

If you are considering individual health insurance in California, United HealthCare/Pacificare California may be a good choice. As you can see from their enrollment above, they specialize in HMO plans and have an extensive network of HMO doctors and hospitals. Their individual HMO health plans have been very competitively priced. You may find that with PacifiCare  you are able to obtain the most benefits (low cost doctor’s office visit charge, low payment for prescription medicine or while in the hospital) for a low monthly payment to United HealthCare/Pacificare. As always, check to make sure that the doctors and hospitals that you want to use are in the provider network.


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