Treat yourself to Concierge Level Service with Benefits Café

Many of the finest hotels offer high paying guests special services that go above and beyond the care their other guests receive. Benefits Café offers all our employer clients and their employees and families special services that differ in only one way from other concierge service: our clients receive these services at no additional cost.


For employers, our concierge service starts by helping you shop the market for the best benefits at the lowest possible cost. We represent all of the insurance companies that offer medical insurance to employers in California. We can help you:

  • compare plans and rates;
  • select a plan or plans to present to your employees;
  • prepare communication material for your employees so that they understand their options;
  • help everyone enroll and get approved by an insurance company.


For your employees, Benefits Café concierge service includes helping them:

  • Understand or dispute a doctor, hospital or insurance company bill;
  • Obtain a doctor’s appointment or get access to medical providers; and,
  • Understand their benefits in an easy-to-understand way – either in English or Spanish; and very importantly
  • Advocate and advise on any issue related to their medical, dental, vision, group life insurance, short and long term care or any other benefit plan we help set up.

Ongoing Resource

We take time to help your employees and their families understand their benefits and we’re an ongoing resource for our clients throughout the year. They can contact us through our toll free number (800)746-0045 or via email.

Our Support

After everything is set up; we are a resource for the employer and human resource managers and administrators to answer any questions and solve any problems that may arise. We seek long-term relationships with our clients. We started our company in 1970 and we’ve worked with many of our clients for decades. Some of the no-cost extra services we give our clients include:

  • An online benefits enrollment and administration system that can integrate with various payroll systems;
  • A paid subscription to a cutting edge human resource library with helpful documents and information for employers with employee benefit questions such as COBRA and Cal-COBRA, HIPAA as well as the pay-or-play tax reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act. The online HR library also has well researched information on all sorts of human resource questions such as preparing job descriptions, interviews, reviews, terminations and other employment law questions;
  • Monthly updates on employment issues and employee benefits;
  • For clients with at least 5 employees enrolled in a medical insurance plan, Benefits Café will purchase a Section 125 Premium Only Plan (POP) for the group. The POP plan enables employees to make contributions towards their employee benefits (medical, dental, vision) on a pre-tax basis;
  • For clients with at least 20 employees enrolled in a medical insurance plan, Benefits Café will pay for COBRA administration services. The Federal COBRA law allows employees and dependents to continue their group medical and dental coverage after a “qualifying event” such as termination of employment. COBRA requires the employer to send required notices and handle all of the billing and collection from terminated employees and their families. It’s complicated and we’ll hire a third party administrator to handle everything.

We realize that many employers don’t have the resources to hire an employee benefits expert. Benefits Café provides that expertise to you at no cost.

Your Trusted Advisor at No Extra Cost

The rates and benefits are identical whether you enroll through us, a different agent or broker, or directly with an insurance company. Because the rates and benefits are identical, we can do the shopping for you and help you understand your options. We want to be your trusted advisor for your employee benefit plans. Treat yourself to Benefits Café concierge level service, call 800-746-0045.