Additional Information about HSA Compatible California Health Insurance Plans

Selecting a HSA Compatible Insurance Plan

Insurance companies currently offer a large selection of HSA compatible health plans. Here we describe some of the HSA compatible health insurance plans currently available in California.

Keep in mind that insurance companies offer:
1) many choices;
2) many features;
3) many prices; and,
4) these variables are constantly changing.

Our advice is to select a plan that fits the needs of your employees, rather than trying to find “the best” health savings account compatible insurance plan. You’ll drive yourself crazy and never be happy with your decision (see With So Many Choices, How Can You Select a Health Insurance Plan.) Also, remember that we at are as close as your telephone (800)746-0045 and we are happy to help you select a health plan.

Specific small employer (1-100 employee) GROUP HSA Compatible Insurance Plans

United Health Care

Silver – Select Plus HSA 2000/20% AX-FK
Silver – Core HSA 2000/20% AX-FL
Silver – Navigate HSA 2000/20% AX-FM

Bronze – Select Plus HSA 4800/40% AU-SK
Bronze – Core HSA 4800/40% AU-SN
Bronze – Navigate HSA 4800/40% AU-St

Anthem Blue Cross of California

Silver – PPO 2000/20%/6000 w/HSA – RxC
Silver –  Select PPO 2000/20%/6000 w/HSA – RxC

Bronze – PPO 4500/35%/6550 w/HSA
Bronze – PPO 5000/35%/6550 w/HSA
Bronze  – PPO 6500/0%/6500 w/HSA

Bronze – Select PPO 4500/35%/6550 w/HSA
Bronze – Select PPO 5000/35%/6550 w/HSA
Bronze  – Select PPO 6500/0%/6500 w/HSA

Blue Shield of California

Silver – Full PPO Savings 2000/20% OffEx (HSA)
Bronze – Full PPO Savings 4300/40% OffEx (HSA)
Bronze  – Full PPO Savings 6550 OffEx (HSA)

California Choice (CalChoice)

Silver – Kaiser Permanente HMO D (HSA)

Bronze – Kaiser Permanente HMO C (HSA)

Bronze – UnitedHealthcare Alliance HMO B (HSA)