How to Reduce Health Care Spending: Exercise is Medicine


One hundred years ago environmentally-caused illnesses, such as pneumonia, the flu, and tuberculosis were the leading causes of death. Today, lifestyle-related diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and stroke are the leading causes of death.  Top among the lifestyle choices that lead to disease is inactivity.  Inactivity increases the cost of our nation’s health care spending; increases personal medical costs; and increases employer costs, according to recent reports. Health insurance companies have been leading the country in advocating increased activity and healthy lifestyles as a way to lower the cost of health insurance.  The most vocal proponent of healthy lifestyles among insurance companies is Kaiser Permanente, whose “Thrive” media campaign stresses health. We partnered with Kaiser Permanente on this short video that discusses the high cost of health insurance and ways to lower your costs.  Please contact, (800) 746-0045 if you would like to know about ways to lower health insurance costs through healthy lifestyle choices.