Health Insurance in California for Individuals and Families

Informative resources for understanding health insurance in California

These informative articles will help you understand more about individual health insurance in California and also help you select the right California family health plan. Find advice and specifics on medical insurance and plans from California medical insurance companies such as Blue Cross of California, Blue Shield and HealthNet.

Advice when Selecting a California Health Insurance Plan

The basics

Health Insurance 101 – Need to learn the basics? Get an introduction to how health insurance plans work.

How to select a plan

Selecting an Individual Health Insurance Plan in California – With the plethora of California personal and family medical insurance policies available
today, the long list can be quite overwhelming. Here we give you some simple suggestions on how to filter available plans and find one that will work for you.

Premium cost comparison

California Premium Comparison – Comparing California medical insurance plans can quite be a mind-boggling task. Let us give you a few pointers on how to easily compare the amount of money you will spend for medical care.

COBRA, yes or no?

Is Enrolling on COBRA a Good Decision?   – Learn the ins and outs of enrolling in COBRA and why it is advised to apply for an individual health insurance policy while you are still healthy.

One health plan to the next, what’s the difference?

Learn about  Family and Individual California Health Insurance plans offered by Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Healthnet and more.