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About UnitedHealthcare

According to Fortune magazine, UHC is the 5th largest corporation in the United States… not the 5th largest insurance company, the 5th largest company, period. Only companies like Walmart, Apple and Exxon Mobil are larger. That’s pretty amazing. It’s a huge company that offers coverage in California
and throughout the country. UnitedHealthcare has approximately $201 billion in annual revenues (that’s Billion with a “B”.)   UnitedHealthcare offers group health insurance products for employer groups in all 50 states.  They area a global company and also provide services in 130 countries.  Other specialty products and operations include pharmacy and medical management, behavioral health services, life and health insurance and dental and vision

UnitedHealthcare’s Strengths

Multi-state Flexibility:

UHC is a great choice if you have employees who live in different states because their guidelines are more flexible than other California medical insurance companies. For example, unlike all other insurance companies, UHC doesn’t require that at least 51% of your employees live in California.

Flexible Underwriting:

UHC considers individual coverage to be a “valid waiver” rather than a decline, which may help your company qualify as a small business. Also, UHC will enroll 1099 independent contractors who meet certain criteria. Give us a call to learn more (800)746-0045.

All Networks Available:

UHC allows small businesses to offer all provider networks at the same time – big, medium or small networks – employees can enroll on any plan, any metal tier and without regard to the provider network. Not all insurance companies offer this level of flexibility.

Small Group Health Insurance and UnitedHealthcare California

If you are considering employer-sponsored medical insurance in California for your employees then UnitedHealthcare may be a good choice. UHC has an extensive network of PPO and HMO doctors and hospitals and their plans are very competitively priced. You may find that with UnitedHealthcare you are able to obtain the most benefits (low cost doctor’s office visit charge, low payment for prescription medicine or co-insurance while in the hospital) for a low monthly payment or “premium.”  We can help you set everything up.  Just give us a call at 800-746-0045.

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