Small Business Health Insurance Providers

The benefits and the rates for California small business medical insurance are important criteria to evaluate when selecting an insurance plan.  Equally important are the doctors and hospitals that have agreed to discount their fees to members of a specific plan.  These “providers” sign a contract with the insurance companies to reduce their charges in exchange for having more of their patients’ expenses paid by insurance.

The links below go to the websites for the California medical insurance companies that offer coverage to small employer groups (1-100 employees.)  You’ll need to know whether you are searching for medical doctors or hospitals on an HMO or PPO plan.

You’ll also need to know the specific name of the provider network for your plan.  The insurance companies don’t make it easy to figure out which network to use.  This article, Confusing California Health Insurance Provider Network Names Harm Consumers, includes a guide to help you decipher the confusing provider network names.   Below is a list of the of the provider networks for each company.  If you have any difficulties, just give Benefits Cafe a call at (800)746-0045.

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