Why Use a Small Group Health Insurance Broker / Employee-Benefits Adviser in Los Angeles?


Expert health insurance advice

Constant changes in insurance laws and navigating plan differences

California health insurance laws keep changing, and the many plans and requirements can be confusing. Small businesses in Los Angeles and throughout California want to provide the best benefits for their employees, with the lowest possible cost. But navigating small group health insurance options can be difficult. You need an expert adviser.

Over 50 years of experience

Benefits Cafe is in its second generation facilitating small-group health insurance in California

That’s why it makes sense to use a health insurance broker, or more accurately, an “employee benefits adviser” like Benefits Cafe. We’re very experienced with the needs of small and medium sized businesses and we have great knowledge of the market for health insurance. Our role has transitioned into an adviser, rather than just a broker who merely sells a product. That’s why we use the term “broker/benefits adviser” in this article. Given the complexity of employee benefits, you need expert advice.

Range of insurance options

We offer your business many insurance options, not just a single insurance company’s plans.

Requirements, options, budget and employee benefit advice

We help you:
  • Understand the legal requirements of establishing a group health plan;
  • Examine the plan options, rates and provider networks for all of the insurance companies that offer coverage in California;
  • Select a plan that meets your budget;
  • Explain the benefits to your employees and enroll them in the plan.

Broker fees are paid by the health-insurance companies—not by you

You get all of our services for no additional cost.

Under California law, you pay no more to use a broker/benefits adviser than you would if you went directly to an insurance company (since insurance companies pay brokers/benefits adviser a percentage of the monthly price — and the price is fixed by law). You pay the exact same rate for small group health insurance regardless of the broker/benefits adviser you use. We compete based on our expertise and level of service.

Expert advice at no extra cost

Particularly with the recent changes due to Obamacare and the Covered California health insurance exchange, it makes sense to use a Los Angeles health insurance broker/benefits adviser like Benefits Cafe. Businesses need expert help to understand their options, and we have that expertise.

Personalized Service for Small Group Clients in the Los Angeles Area

Since 1970, Benefits Cafe has helped businesses throughout California with their small group health insurance needs. Our Los Angeles-area clients receive an especially high level of personalized service. We meet with small- to medium-sized businesses from the San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley in the north, to the San Gabriel Valley, City of Industry, and Pico Rivera in the east, to Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, and many other areas of Los Angeles.

Easy face-to-face consultation anywhere in Los Angeles and surrounding communities

Benefits Cafe is based in Montebello, which is 10 minutes east of downtown L.A., so we’re within driving distance of all Southern California locations. We provide our Los Angeles-area clients expert, face-to-face service. Here’s what you can expect:

In-person, on-site, ongoing support

  1. In-person meetings: We can come to your office and help you, your HR person and key decision-makers understand the different health insurance plans available to your business. We’ll explain the technical requirements of group health insurance, such as the “employer contribution” and “employee participation,” in an easy-to-understand way, and we’ll also help you choose the best plans for your employees.
  2. On-site help with enrollment and rollout: We can be on-site to present the new insurance plan to your employees and help with enrollment. As your broker/benefits adviser, Benefits Cafe will be there to expertly answer any questions employees may have to make the transition a smooth one.
  3. Ongoing support: Pick up the phone and contact Benefits Cafe, your dedicated expert broker/benefits adviser, with any questions that may arise — without having to wait on hold for hours trying to reach someone at an insurance company. Whether you need help getting a claim approved by an insurance company, enrolling a new employee or something else, we’re here to support you, our small group client.

Employee health insurance is what Benefits Cafe does so you don’t have to be an expert

The staff at Benefits Cafe focus exclusively on employee benefits and health insurance. Using a broker/benefits advisor means you don’t need to be an expert. Contact Benefits Cafe to get expert advice on the best small group health insurance plan for your company — and reliable, in-person service within the L.A. area.

  • Bruce Jugan

    Bruce is an expert in group medical insurance and employee benefits for small to mid-sized companies. He's been a licensed agent/broker since 1993. Bruce has written all of the content on BenefitsCafe.com. He and his team help employers select medical plans; communicate information to employees; stay in compliance with various rules and regulations; and solve benefits-related problems that may arise.