Healthcare and health insurance videos from Benefits Cafe.

Buying health insurance online is confusing. First you see the names of a bunch of insurance companies. Are Blue Shield and Blue Cross the same company, or are they different? Next, you see strange terms like “deductible” and “OOP.” Even if you knew that OOP means “out of pocket” limit, you’re not sure if that’s the maximum that you pay or if it’s the maximum that the insurance company pays.

With these videos, we hope to provide you a clear understanding of insurance company terms and what they mean for you in making your choice for the health insurance plan that’s right for you and your small business or company.


  • Bruce Jugan

    Bruce is an expert in group medical insurance and employee benefits for small to mid-sized companies. He's been a licensed agent/broker since 1993. Bruce has written all of the content on He and his team help employers select medical plans; communicate information to employees; stay in compliance with various rules and regulations; and solve benefits-related problems that may arise.