California Group Health Insurance for Small Business Employers and Employees

We’ve found that most employers want to understand how the Affordable Care Act (ACA, Obama Care) has changed group health insurance plans in California. They also want to understand:

  • what it takes to qualify as a “small business employer”
  • what determines the “premium” (which is the polite word insurance companies use instead of “price”)
  • how to compare the benefits of one plan with another (e.g., the cost of doctor visits, in-hospital services, prescription medicine copayments)
  • what sort of tax benefits group medical insurance offers employers and employees.

We’ve created easy-to-understand graphics to help you quickly understand what’s going on.  At the bottom of this page you’ll find links to informative articles about other aspects of California group medical insurance, such as help selecting the right plan for the best employee health benefits.

Running your small business is hard enough without all of the confusion that health insurance can cause.  We’re expert benefit advisors and we can help you and there is no additional charge for our services.   Contact us now by inputting your group information or give us a call at (800)746-0045 and we can help.

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Quick Overview of the ACA (Obama Care) and Small Business Medical Insurance Plans
We’ve written a short summary of the State of California‘s guidelines to implement Obama Care.  All of the insurance companies (Blue Shield, Anthem, Kaiser, etc.) must follow these rules.  Click on the PDF image to read the Rules for California Small Business Health Insurance: