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Affordable California Health Insurance for College Students and Young Adults

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The Challenge: As a college student or young adult, you’re facing enough challenges; figuring out your health insurance shouldn’t be one of them.

The good news is that there are a lot of options out there for affordable health insurance in California. These options give you the coverage and peace of mind you need, without breaking your budget.

Advice: But you need the right advice. It’s not as easy as selecting the cheapest plan. You need to find a plan that can meet your needs now and help you with any unexpected challenges you might face. No matter which plan you select, you should understand how health insurance plans work. Read Health Insurance 101 to learn the basics.

College Health Plans: If you’re in college, you might think the student plans offered by your school will be enough; but some of these plans offer very limited coverage and don’t even cover minor injuries sustained during intramural sports! Read College Health Plans to learn more.

Personal Coverage: Some low cost plans from insurance companies like Anthem Blue Cross may not include maternity coverage. If there’s a baby in your future you need to make sure your health insurance is right for you. Depending on your situation you may want to read: Incoming Freshmen & Undergrads; Recent Grads; Graduate Students.

Health Insurance Advice

Health Insurance 101 - Get the basics on health insurance.

Incoming Freshmen & Undergrads - Advice for college freshmen and undergraduates to select a good health insurance plan.

Recent Grads - One drag about graduating is that you are probably no longer eligible for your parents health insurance plan. In this article we'll describe your options.

Graduate Students - Graduate students are older than undergraduates and usually have different health insurance needs.

College Health Plans - Most colleges and universities require students to be covered by a health insurance plan.

The Need For Young Adults to Have Health Insurance - Find out the reason why 30% of people without health insurance are between the ages of 19 and 29, as well as insurance options for young adults.

Health Plans Designed for Young Adults

Blue Cross of California has introduced plans specifically designed for the "twenty-somethings." Called Tonik, Blue Cross of California offers three plans low cost medical insurance plans in California. These plans are designed to meet the needs of those under age 30 and provide affordable California medical insurance in case of major injury with low monthly premiums. Learn more about Blue Cross's Tonik Plans.

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