Recently, wrote an article with advice for small business owners who are interested in setting up group medical insurance plans for their employees. The article has helpful information on various aspects of employer-sponsored health plans, including:

  • Small business health insurance options;
  • Small business health insurance requirements;
  • Average cost of health insurance for small business, and
  • How to get health insurance for small businesses.

The article quotes Bruce Jugan, founder of, extensively. Bruce gives advice on how a business should set up health plans based on the specific type of workforce. For example, highly-skilled and highly paid employees who have many opportunities will expect better benefits. On the other hand, low wage employees may be happy with less generous benefits.

The Forbes article ranks a variety of medical insurance companies that offer coverage throughout the United States. Some of these companies don’t offer coverage in California. We can help you figure out which company and plans will work the best for your company’s budget and your employees needs. Give us a call at 800-746-0045.