The Need For Young Adults to Have Health Insurance

According to a recent report by the Commonwealth Fund, 30 percent of the people without health insurance are between the ages of 19 to 29. People between the ages of 19 to 29 make up 15 percent of the population of the United States, yet they comprise 30 percent of those without health insurance.

Some of the reasons for the high percentage of people in this age group lacking insurance include: young adults who are too old to stay on their parent’s health plan and who do not enroll in their own medical insurance policy; young people often find entry level employment with no company provided insurance; and, perhaps most importantly, the “young invincibles” don’t see the need to pay for their own health insurance as they perceive that they are healthy and not in need of coverage.

Often, it is only after a friend or acquaintance is injured or falls seriously ill that these young people see the need to buy insurance coverage. The tragedy of not having health insurance when seriously ill or injured is magnified by the low cost and affordable California health insurance plans offered by many companies: If only these young people knew how little insurance costs and how easy it is to apply.

Insurance companies are recognizing the needs of young adults and offering plans specifically designed for this age group. It’s important to not look at only cost, but also coverage and access your current and future needs.

At, we’re here to help guide you though the process of finding the right plan that meets your needs and your budget. Have the peace of mind of being covered, but not break the bank.

Health Plans Designed for Young Adults

Blue Cross of California has introduced plans specifically designed for the “twenty-somethings.” Called Tonik, Blue Cross of California offers three plans low cost medical insurance plans in California. These plans are designed to meet the needs of those under age 30 and provide affordable California medical insurance in case of major injury with low monthly premiums. Learn more about Blue Cross’s Tonik Plans.

“Michelle’s Law” Helps Ill College Students Retain Insurance Coverage

A law signed by President Bush on October 9, 2008 will now allow full-time college students who must take a leave of absence or lighten their course load due to illness, to retain their dependent status and remain on their parents’ health plan for up to a year (unless the student would otherwise lose eligibility within the year).
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