Criticizing the US health care system because we spend a lot, die sooner and have poor health is like criticizing the fire department in Malibu, California where they spend a lot for fire fighting services yet have a huge number of fires. They are confusing the cause with the effect.

I am sure that the money spent for fire prevention and fire fighting per resident is astronomical in Malibu. If we apply the same logic as those who criticize the US health care system because we spend a lot per person, one would conclude that the fire fighters in Malibu are ineffecient and wasteful. Otherwise Malibu would not spend as much as it does on fire fighting services.

In reality, Malibu spends a lot for fire fighting services because there are many fires in Malibu – it has nothing to do with the efficiency or quality of the fire fighters. Quite the contrary, the Malibu fire fighters, like doctors and hospitals in the United States, are probably the best in the world.

The US spends a lot for medical services because Americans eat huge portions, eat high fat-content fast food, are over weight, and are generally in poor health.