Information for HR Professionals on Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

Dear HR Professional:

The professional staff at Benefits Cafe are experts in employee benefits and we can help you.  You may currently offer employee benefits including California health and dental insurance and life insurance, or you may be considering offering coverage.   We have many helpful articles on our website, and you can also call us toll free (800)746-0045.  Let us provide expert assistance with helping set up and maintain your employee benefit program.  We are licensed agents and the insurance companies pay us to assist our employer clients.  There is no additional charge for our services as the rate you pay to an insurance company is identical with or without our services.  Our only requirement is that you make a commitment to only work with us.  It’s not fair to us for people to request our assistance and then have a golf buddy, or online payroll company receive the compensation for setting up and maintaining your benefits plans.

This page has information specifically useful to HR Professionals:

Help Employees Understand Insurance Premium Increases
Benefits Cafe Newsletter – as our client we will send you a monthly email that includes helpful information about employee benefits and also other employment law-related matters.
Health Insurance 101, this quick guide helps employees understand health insurance.

Perhaps the easiest way to refer your employees to is to create a hyperlink from your company’s web site to so they can receive a California health insurance online quote.

The people who need coverage include:

Part-time employees and independent contractors who are not eligible for group benefits
Employees looking for lower cost coverage for dependents (i.e., children)
Newly hired employees seeking temporary coverage
People seeking low-cost alternatives to COBRA

Our web site is designed to help people easily compare:

Insurance companies: Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net, etc.
Plan Benefits: HMO, PPO, Dr. Office Co-pay, Deductibles, etc.
Provider Networks: which doctors and hospitals participate in a network
Monthly Premiums
Historically gathering all of this information would have taken many telephone calls, faxes, meetings and searching through provider directory books. Now, within seconds, people have all of this information at their finger tips.

This information can still be difficult to understand. We provide expert advice and assist people who wish to apply for coverage. For a health insurance quote in California, call our toll free telephone number: (800)746-0045. People can print out applications or apply directly on-line for coverage.

Get a California health insurance online quote from Benefits Cafe.

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