Family and Individual Health Plans in California

Anthem Blue Cross of California – Anthem Blue Cross’s business approach is to provide consumers with choice. Learn about their variety of high-quality and affordable health care plans.

Blue Shield of California – Blue Shield strives to make sure that high-quality health care is available to all Californians at a reasonable price. If you are considering individual health insurance in California, Blue Shield may be a good choice.

  • Blue Shield Balance Plans – For individuals in reasonably good health with a need for family coverage but not maternity benefits, Blue Shield offers Balance Plans.
  • Blue Shield Active Start 35 – While today’s college student may have plenty of issues to contend with, finding quality, affordable health insurance need not be one of them.

Health Net of California – If you are considering individual health insurance in California, Health Net may be a good choice. They specialize in HMO plans and have an extensive network of HMO doctors and hospitals.

Final Advice

Don’t get overwhelmed with the strange terminology and many selections. We have articles – and even videos – to help you understand how to choose the right plan for you and your family. Learn how to compare plans and read this article on where to start when selecting a health plan. And when you’re ready, get a personalized California health insurance quote.