Aetna Health Plan of California recently announced that they will change the benefits on their 2100 deductible High Deductible Health Savings Account compatible health insurance plan.

Currently this plan generally pays 100 percent of medical expenses after the $2,100 deductible has been met.

Effective April 1, 2006 this plan will only pay 80 percent of medical expenses after the deductible. When the member’s 20 percent copayment totals $3,000 (including the deductible) then the health insurance plan will generally pay 100 percent of medical expenses. So, this is a reduction of benefits.

This Aetna medical insurance plan is unique in that it offers an “embedded deductible” which means that when one member of a family satisfies the deductible then the insurance company begins to pay for medical expenses.

Most other HSA compatible health insurance plans have an “aggregate” deductible where all members of a family contribute to a single deductible.

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