For individuals looking for a low cost health plan which protects you from major medical events such as hospitalization, Blue Shield of California’s Vital Shield 2900 may be the plan for you.

Vital Shield 2900, Blue Shield’s lowest-priced PPO with monthly rates starting as low as $42, offers not only affordable coverage, but as part of one of California’s largest PPO provider networks, makes finding a doctor easy. The plan is limited to basic benefits, so you don’t pay for services you don’t expect to use, such as maternity care or brand name drug benefits.

The plan, which is available to individuals only, allows for two office visits per calendar year at $40 per visit, before having to pay the annual deductible. After paying a co-payment maximum of $5,900, you are generally covered at 100%. The plan also provides for low co-payments of generic prescription drugs at network pharmacies. Other covered services, subject to the plan deductible unless otherwise noted, include preventative care, outpatient services, emergency health coverage, ambulance services, mental health services, chemical dependency services and home health services.

Vital Shield 2900 could be the right health plan for the someone looking for a low cost, high deductible plan with two doctor visits per year with generic prescription medication.

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