If you have a family and want health insurance coverage here is some helpful advice: Examine the cost of medical insurance coverage for each member of the family separately – as well as combined as a family.

For example, young children can often enroll in their own individual health insurance plan at a lower cost than the cost of family coverage. The resulting cost of coverage for employee and spouse or two parents on an individual policy combined with the cost of the children’s medical insurance plan may be less expensive.

Keep in mind that separate health insurance policies have separate out-of-pocket maximums (stop loss) and this may be a problem if everyone in a family were to get sick during the same calendar year. In this case a family with separate medical insurance policies for various members would likely pay more than if the entire family were on a single health insurance policy.

You can obtain health insurance quotes online for separate members of your family or call BenefitsCafe.com at 800-746-0045.