Young women seeking to purchase health insurance that includes coverage for baby delivery (i.e., maternity coverage) should consider the Blue Shield Spectrum 2000 PPO plan.

This plan has a large deductible ($2,000) but also a low monthly premium (likely under $100 per month for people age 29 and younger.) Under this plan members only pay $45 for a doctor’s office visit – before having to pay the calendar year deductible.

Also, the plan allows members to purchase medications (Rx) prior to paying the $2,000 deductible. Generic medications cost only $10 with this plan. The plan also covers brand Rx with a $35 copayment following a separate $500 Rx deductible.

One potential problem with this plan is the high out-of-pocket maximum, or stop-loss, which is $5,000 PLUS the $2,000 deductible for a total of $7,000 per calendar year. So be aware that you have a high financial obligation under this plan should you experience a major medical illness or accident.

This may be a great plan for someone who wants a PPO plan, a low monthly premium, and benefits payable prior to satisfying a deductible. Also, the Blue Shield PPO network has many participating providers.

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