created an excellent chart which shows the difference between an HMO and PPO medical insurance plan.

Health insurance is often difficult to understand but we can assist your business with setting up your plans and also helping educate your employees.  This chart will help your employees. Benefits Cafe seeks to explain things in easy-to-understand ways.  The HMO – PPO chart  is a picture of the often confusing part of health plan arrangements.

In an HMO you select your doctor when you enroll in a medical plan. In a PPO plan you select your doctor when you need service. In a PPO you can see a specialist with out a referral but the cost of care is often higher than in HMO plans. Some people like the greater freedom that a PPO offers, while others prefer to work with one doctor – whom they like and trust – to guide them though the health care system.

The freedom of a PPO comes with an added time cost: on PPO plans you should expect to spend time sorting through explanations of benefits and paying bills from doctors, hospitals, laboratories and other medical providers.

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