Health Net of California has announced that effective July 1, 2006 they will be changing the premiums, plan names and making other changes to their individual medical insurance plans.

After these changes Health Net will offer 33 individual health insurance plans – a mind boggling number. Compounding the confusion are names such as “Simple Value 50 Plus Combo Rx,” “Net Saver 1500 Plus,” “Value Choice 1500 Plus,” “Simple Choice 50,” and “Smart Choice HSA Single Plus.” There is nothing “simple” nor “smart” about these plan names or options.

Of the 33 Health Net of California individual medical plans only 6 plans offer maternity coverage. Four of the six plans which offer maternity coverage are HMO plans, which are required by law to offer maternity coverage. The two PPO plans with maternity coverage are the Simple Choice 40 and the Simple Choice 40 Plus.

Ironically, Health Net announced that effective July 1, 2006 they will discontinue the “Value” and “Value Basic” individual medical insurance plans. There are still too many names and plans to make Health Net individual policies understandable.

Even more unbelievable is that Health Net markets their individual products as being “simple.” The only individual PPO health plan brochure Health Net has available as of today, June 21, 2006, is entitled “There has to be A SIMPLER PLAN.” Ignorning the gramatically awkward term “simpler,” vs. more or most simple, is the fact that Health Net has no material describing the July 1, 2006 plans. There is nothing “simple” about Health Net individual health insurance plans.