The new health care reform law (Affordable Care Ace, ACA, Obama Care) changes many aspects of medical insurance. We want our clients to make well-informed and good decisions in the face of all of this change.  So, we’ve prepared easy-to-understand videos that explain what’s going on.  The videos provide the specific information you need to stay in compliance with the new law.  We will update the videos regularly so check back often.

Click here to watch the California health care reform video updates.  You can select a specific video from the playlist on the site.

Topics covered in the first three videos include:

  1. How to comply with the Notice Requirements (including the Exchange Notice; Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) and the Glossary of Medical Terms);
  2. An overview of the individual and family health insurance market; including the Covered California exchange; and,
  3. Problems with the current health insurance system that the ACA solves.

This is complicated stuff that we try to make comprehensible.  Let us know how we’ve done.