2023 Sep 15

Small Group Health Insurance in California

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Learn about health insurance for small businesses in California What to Know about California’s Small Business Health Insurance Employee and Employer Contribution Requirements Small Businesses Must Offer Employees at Least 10 Healthcare Benefits Benefits Cafe Can Help You Obtain Affordable Health Insurance We understand the complexities of navigating the ins [...]

2023 Jun 01

Consumer Advocacy for Small Business Medical Insurance with the California Senate and Assembly

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On May 10, 2023, I flew to Sacramento, California and joined other insurance professionals for a day at the Capitol, which included meeting with elected officials and discussing issues of importance to small and mid-sized employers that offer group medical, dental, vision and other types of insurance coverage to [...]

2013 Oct 22

Health Care Reform for Small Businesses California – Video

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With Health Care Reform (Affordable Care Act) (ACA), business owners want to know: •What's going to change? •How much will it cost? and, •What can I do to save money. We've created a short video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcQ5j8mu_Bk that addresses these questions. The video also describes what will not change, including: •No requirement for small businesses to offer benefits; •Benefits continue to be a tax deductible expense for the employer and non-taxable compensation to employees; •Benefits continue to be an excellent way to attract and retain good employees.

2013 Sep 06

Understanding California Health Care Reform / Obamacare / Affordable Care Act / ACA

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We've prepared easy-to-understand videos that explain the new health care reform law (Affordable Care Ace, ACA, Obama Care). Topics include how to complete the required notices (Exchange, SBC & Glossary); an overview of individual and family coverage including Covered California; and problems of the current system that the ACA solves.

2013 Mar 13

Enroll in Medicare or Stay on Your Employer’s Health Plan – a Helpful Guide

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I've just written a helpful guide for people who continue to work and must decide whether they should enroll in Medicare or stay on their employer's group medical plan. It turns out that the decision is a bit complicated and the answer depends on: •who's paying for the group plan (employer or employee); •whether the employee also has dependents enrolled on the group plan; and - oddly enough - •how much the employee earns... The article is sprinkled with a few funny things - so it's not as dry as you might imagine. If you're in this situation or if you know someone who is, you should read the article. Learn more by clicking on the link above.

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