2022 Oct 12

Medicare Part D Notices Due Before October 15th

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) runs Medicare for the U.S. Government. “Creditable Coverage” is the fancy term CMS came up with to determine if the prescription medicine coverage (Rx) of your employer-sponsored group health plan is as good as or better than the minimum Part D [...]

2013 Mar 13

Enroll in Medicare or Stay on Your Employer’s Health Plan – a Helpful Guide

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I've just written a helpful guide for people who continue to work and must decide whether they should enroll in Medicare or stay on their employer's group medical plan. It turns out that the decision is a bit complicated and the answer depends on: •who's paying for the group plan (employer or employee); •whether the employee also has dependents enrolled on the group plan; and - oddly enough - •how much the employee earns... The article is sprinkled with a few funny things - so it's not as dry as you might imagine. If you're in this situation or if you know someone who is, you should read the article. Learn more by clicking on the link above.

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